Coffins and Caskets

In 1858, Robert Simeon Nelson was a cabinet-maker and undertaker in the Victorian country town of Linton. He produced coffins and become the local funeral director. Nelson Bros continued to make its own coffins and caskets until the 1970s. Today we source the best products available from Victoria, interstate and overseas.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a coffin and a casket? 

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket? 

The difference is purely the shape. A coffin is tapered at the foot and head end, and comes out at the shoulders. A casket is anything that is not coffin-shaped, generally rectangular in shape but often octagonal or oblong.

Casket Coffin
What is a rental casket?

What is a rental casket?

Our Linford Rental Casket looks like any other casket. Where it differs is with its internal cardboard shell that contains the body. The shell is easily placed into the reusable casket for the funeral service, then taken out in private and cremated separately with its own simple cardboard lid. Families like its simplicity, its sustainability, and its lower cost compared to a casket of similar appearance.

Our Range

Coffins and caskets are produced from a variety of materials. Traditionally solid timber, they may also be made from materials such as metal or particleboard (with or without veneer).  Our range of coffins and caskets vary in shape, size, colour and material. All coffins and caskets include personally engraved name plate and handling. Nelson Bros has selection rooms at all of our funeral homes. We invite you to personally select the coffin or casket you require. 

Below are pictures of some of our current range.

Custom coffins and caskets are available on request and are priced accordingly.

For the current price list of Nelson Bros Goods & Services, click below.

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Linford Rental Casket  Linford Rental Casket
Liberty Casket  Liberty Casket
Rosedale Casket  
Aries Pearl Casket  Aries Pearl Casket
William Casket  William Casket
Elizabeth Casket  Elizabeth Casket
Pieta Maple Casket  Pieta Maple Casket
Premier Casket  Premier Casket
Promethean Casket  Promethean Casket
Willow Casket Willow Casket


Henty Coffin  Henty Coffin
Montrose Coffin  Montrose Coffin
Maldon Coffin Maldon Coffin
Hume Coffin  
Mission Brown Coffin  Mission Brown Coffin



Expression Coffins

Our Australian-made Expressions Coffins are stunning modern, image-wrapped coffins which can be made with your own custom images. You can choose make any design you wish to help make the funeral personal and meaningful, such as a favourite holiday destination, sport or hobby. Click here to see more ideas.








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