Funeral Merchandise

Funeral Merchandise

Just as providing quality service is important, Nelson Bros provides a range of quality funeral merchandise for families sourced from the best suppliers in Australia and around the world.

Nelson Bros provides a range of quality funeral merchandise that may be purchased by families. These include:

  • Coffins and Caskets
  • Cremation Memorials (or Urns)
  • Memorial Books
  • Crucifix and Crucifix Mounts
  • Temporary Grave Markers
  • Other Merchandise

We have display rooms at each of our funeral homes for you to see much of our range.


Cremation Memorials

Typically the crematorium will provide the cremated remains in their own basic container. Should you wish to place the cremated remains in a different Memorial (or urn), we have a range from which you may select. 


Our urns are made in a variety of materials which include:

  • hand spun pottery
  • eternal bronze, pewter or graphite
  • naturally biodegradable
  • solid timber


We are also able to personalise the Cremation Memorial for you with the full name of the deceased, the date of birth and date of death. Personalisation may be by engraving, name plate of hand-painted, depending upon the type of urn.


Memorial Glass

Nelson Bros partners with local Healesville artisan glass-blowers, Memorial Glass to offer unique ashes eternalised in glass mementoes. Each piece is customised with the ashes in the colours and style of your preference. We are able to offer Memorial Domes, Comfort Stones, Life Hearts and jewellery, all in various sizes and styles.


The Living Urn

The Living Urn is another option. It enables you to a grow a beautiful tree from the cremated ashes of the person who has died. The proprietary RootProtect additive when mixed with the ashes and placed into a special biodegradable urn enables the tree to flourish and to grow a natural living memory. See our Green Funerals page for more information.


Memorial Books

Many families choose to have a Memorial Book at the funeral. This enables mourners to sign the book at the funeral to give their respects. You then have a permanent record of who has attended the funeral. Nelson Bros provides lecterns at the funeral to enable everyone to sign.


Memory Cards

An alternative to a Memorial Book are Memory Cards which are handed out to mourners attending the funeral for them to write their favourite memory or story about the deceased. Returned in a keepsake box, these cards are a wonderful way to keep memories alive forever.


Crucifix and Crucifix Mounts

Some Christian families choose to have a crucifix or cross placed on top of the coffin or casket. Nelson Bros provides a range of different crosses and crucifixes to suit your needs. 

Following the funeral, you may remove the crucifix from the casket to have as your own memorabilia. Should you also require a crucifix mount, we can provide this for you.


Temporary Grave Markers

Nelson Bros can provide this for you. Our temporary grave markers include:

  • White Cross
  • Buddhist Marker
  • Russian Orthodox Cross
  • Greek Orthodox Cross
  • Plain, non-religious Marker



Other Merchandise

From time to time, we may have other items available for purchase. Please check with one of our funeral consultants for more information.



It is important to us that we are able to help you have a funeral that is personal and meaningful. Please see our Personalisation page for ideas and suggestions of how you make the funeral even more special.



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