When Someone Dies

Where to Begin

Call Nelson Bros 24 hours a day on (03) 8398 4333 to arrange for collection of the deceased. Depending upon the time of death, we will then organise with you an appropriate time for you to meet with one of our consultants to arrange the funeral.

There are five main places death may occur:

Family Home

If Death Occurs at a Family Home
Call Doctor to confirm the person is deceased and issue death certificate. Call Nelson Bros immediately on (03) 8398 4333.

Nursing Home

If Death Occurs at a Nursing Home
Nursing Home will call a Doctor to confirm the person is deceased and issue death certificate Nursing Home (or family) should call Nelson Bros immediately on (03) 8398 4333.


If Death Occurs at a Hospital
Call Nelson Bros immediately on (03) 8398 4333.

Interstate or Overseas

If Death Occurs Interstate or overseas
Call Nelson Bros on (03) 8398 4333 so that we can liaise with the relevant authorities and funeral directors on your behalf.

If Deceased is Transferred to the Coroner

If Deceased is transferred to the Coroner
Call Nelson Bros immediately on (03) 8398 4333.
A death must be reported to the coroner for investigation when:

  • The person died unexpectedly
  • The person died from an accident or injury
  • The person died in an unnatural or violent way
  • The person died during or as a result of an anaesthetic
  • The person was 'held in care' immediately before they died
  • Clothing you would like the deceased dressed in (this includes underwear and shoes)
  • Wording for the death notice you would like placed in the newspaper (we can also assist you with this)

For more information about the State Coroner and their processes, click here for more information.

Other considerations

You may also wish to call your family priest or other person to give a blessing.

Preparation For Funeral Arrangement

Nelson Bros will organise the immediate collection of the deceased to bring them into our care from their place of death. We will talk to you about an appropriate time to come in for the funeral arrangement.

The more preparation you have prior to this meeting, the easier it will be for you. Our online Prepare Paperwork tool (click at the top of this page) is available for families wishing to gather this information in advance.

In preparation for the funeral arrangement, you may wish to consider the following:

  • identify who the primary family representative will be
  • information required for the registration of death, which includes:

    • Full Name of Deceased
    • Date of Birth
    • Year began residence in Australia
    • Usual residence
    • Usual Occupation during working life
    • Pension details
    • Marital status
    • Marriage information (including place of Marriage, Age at date of Marriage, Name of spouse) for each marriage
    • Children
    • Name and occupation of the parents of the deceased


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