Preplanning Checklist

Preplanning Checklist

The following checklist will help you create your personalized plan.

Ways to Plan Ahead:



  • Gather personal information for your obituary.
  • Have the Talk of a Lifetime with those close to you to clarify what’s important to you all.
  • Choose a charity to direct donations to, if desired.
  • Choose a funeral home.
  • Make note of any instructions for your services and final disposition.
  • Consider if a prepaid funeral is best for you and your family.

Funeral Service

  • Choose burial or cremation.
  • Select a casket or cremation container.
  • Choose locations and types of services.
  • Choose floral arrangements.
  • Select which photographs and memorabilia you’d like to display.
  • Consider any customs, traditions, or religious rites that are important to you and your family, or any new traditions you would like to begin.
  • Choose the clothing you’d like to be dressed in.
  • Select music, if desired or specific hymns in a religious service.
  • Choose a theme for decorations and stationery at your services.


  • Choose a clergy member or officiator to preside over the service.
  • Select any musicians whose talents you’d like to employ.
  • Select pallbearers.
  • Choose friends or family members to perform the eulogy, read scripture, or prepare a speech.

Final Disposition

  • Decide what to do with your ashes
  • If you have an urn, who will keep your urn.
  • If you wish to scatter the ashes, decide who will scatter your ashes and where.
  • Alternatively, choose a cemetery.
  • Select a burial plot or mausoleum.
  • Select a memorial or grave marker and inscription.

Information You'll Need

Personal Information

  • Full Name of Deceased
  • Date of Birth
  • Year began residence in Australia
  • Usual residence
  • Usual occupation during working life
  • Pension details
  • Parents’ names and occupations
  • Marital status
  • Marriage information (including place of Marriage, Age at date of Marriage, Name of spouse) for each marriage
  • Children
  • Name and occupation of the parents of the deceased

Affiliations & Interests

  • Organisations & Memberships
  • Contributions & Memorials
  • Interests & Achievements
  • Any special recognitions you have


There’s no need to make all the decisions right away. For personalised assistance in creating your plan, contact one of our experts to schedule a one-on-one meeting.


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