Green Funerals

Green Funerals

As a multi-generational family business, sustainability is important to us. We are able to customise every element of a funeral to be simple, natural and better for the environment. Our range of green options help make the funeral personal and meaningful to you.

Environmentally Friendly Caskets & Coffins

Rental Casket

Our Linford Rental Casket looks like any other casket. Where it differs is with its internal cardboard shell that contains the body. The shell is easily placed into the reusable casket for the funeral service, then taken out in private and cremated separately with its own simple cardboard lid. Families like its simplicity, its sustainability, and its lower cost compared to a casket of similar appearance.



Sustainable Materials

Quality suppliers also offer a range of caskets and coffins made with environmentally sustainable materials, such as locally sourced renewable timber.

Our Expession Coffins our constructed from locally sourced, plantation pine fibreboard (commonly referred to as ‘MDF’ or ‘Customwood’), which is a sustainable, renewable resource. eZero MDF represents the most eco-friendly fibreboard available and is manufactured from managed and renewable plantation pine. It is Australian Forestry Standard chain of custody certified (COC).

Giving Back

When you purchase one of our Batesville Caskets or Expression Coffins, a memorial tree will be planted on your behalf. The tree is planted by a non-profit group dedicated to rhe reforestation, maintenance and protection of trees in Australia.

Living Urn

Nelson Bros was the first funeral director in Melbourne to offer the Living Urn bio and tree burial system. The Living Urn enables you to a grow a beautiful tree from the cremated ashes of the person who has died. The proprietary RootProtect additive when mixed with the ashes and placed into a special biodegradable urn enables the tree to flourish and to grow a natural living memory.

We are also able to assist with planting ceremonies in your home gardens to naturally honour the life of the person you love.


Natural Burial

There are a number of natural burial sites around Melbourne where we can conduct a natural green burial.

Sites such as Djeerongs Walk at Lilydale Memorial Park or Tharangilkbek at Healesville Cemeteries provide simple, natural and environmentally sensitive forms of burials with a uniquely Australian burial experience, incorporating sustainability, biodiversity and longevity. Instead of headstones and monuments. memorial plaques can be mounted on rocks that are sensitively placed amongst native vegetation, minimising the disturbance of existing root systems

Aside from the environmentally friendly aspects of green burials, sometimes a simpler, more “old fashioned,” approach to laying someone to rest can feel more personal and meaningful.


Where the funeral service is held is also an important element. The location of the service can be outside or somewhere that provides a connection to the environment. We will work closely with you to ensure every element of the funeral is designed to make it right for you.


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