Have the Talk of a Lifetime

Have the Talk of a Lifetime

Share the stories that matter most to you and those you love with the Have the Talk of a Lifetime program. Have the Talk of a Lifetime was designed to help families share meaningful memories and stories with each other. By framing the discussion around a person’s life story and experiences, we have the opportunity to connect on a deeper level with them.


Asking questions such as “What was it like when you graduated from high school? What did your wedding ceremony look like? Who were your best childhood friends growing up? How did you spend your summers when school was out?” are creative questions that help start these important conversations.

Our funeral home is pleased to offer the Have the Talk of a Lifetime brochures and workbooks. These resources help family members thoughtfully share stories, remember what is important to loved ones, and plan a meaningful, personalised memorial in a sensitive and encouraging manner.

Below are some links to free resources that you can download and use to start having meaningful conversations with those you love:


Talk of a Lifetime Checklist

Family Tree Activity Guide

Recipe Corner Activity Guide

Meaningful Conversation Workbook

Family Traditions Activity Guide

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Have the Talk of a Lifetime is an outreach program and is sponsored by the Funeral and Memorial Information Council.


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